Hello members of Derp-Craft,

The time has come to update the server to 1.8. We came apon various of bugs/issues that will be resolved shortly. Currently kitpvp is the only thing standing on the server. Prison, opfactions and creative will be up with in the week. If you lost any donor rank/perks please contact a staff member about it. We came apon numerous of members that experienced this "glitch". Thanks for supporting Derp-Craft, and have a happy saturday!



In this brand new section where you can not only sell your items, but you can also do some fantastic trades! This section allows you to sell your items on this very own website. If people are not online during the time you are on, you can hop on over here and sell it! Its a better to sell items and way more safer for everyone! All you have to do it say what your selling, and also say what you want! 

 Welcome to the DerpCraft network. Here at the DerpCraft Network we strive for the best experience. DCPvP was established in 2011 and has been running ever since. Our players have stayed with us throughout our numerous and final server transition. Our forums provide an excellent way for players and staff to communicate properly. Make sure to sign up to stay updated. Forum users also get access to special deals and are first to know new information. We hope to see you on the server soon!              

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